Album: The Waves

Album The Waves

The Waves – 2021

Teaser 1 – Dazel Days
Teaser 2 – Dementia Blues
Teaser 3 – Llyn Song
Teaser 4 – Dafydd Y Garre
Teaser 5 – The Wave

Thematically, it’s a very personal collection of songs, all of which are concerned in some way with the life and death of Owen’s father David, who passed away in 2018.
Stylistically, it’s as eclectic as ever, in the time-honoured SATB fashion.

‘Dazel Days’ is a punk-paced honky-tonk romp (with shades of Dexy’s Midnight Runners) which tackles the sticky issue of parental sex: „Face the fact, without all that we’ve never have been had.”

‘Dementia Blues’ concerns the heartbreak of witnessing a loved one slowly succumbing to the cruelty of Alzheimer’s Disease.

‘Llyn Song’ is a catchy, up-beat folk-rock ditty flavoured with mandolin and accordion – with a tip of the hat to Ronnie Lane’s Slim Chance – which visits the beautiful region of North Wales where David’s family originated.

‘Dafydd Y Garre’ Wen’ is an old Welsh folk-song about a dying musician which was a great favourite of both David and his children.

‘The Waves’ is about witnessing the passing of someone you love, accompanying them on the last lap – probably the most intimate experience that anyone can go through.

In addition to the six of us, the CD features excellent contributions from Niklas Hardt on ‘cello, Manon Tudur on Welsh harp, and Melf Uwe Hollmer on flugelhorn. We’re hugely grateful to Markus Grosse at Markus Platz studio for all the thought, effort, guidance and enthusiasm that he put into the project.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This CD will only be available for purchase directly from us – either via the website or through our facebook page. Details will follow on the day of release.

Ladies and Gentlemen: we offer you ‘The Waves’.