money   Time Ain't Money

night   Into The Night

barman   Trust me Im A Barman

misty   Play Misty For Me

pathologist   The Pathologist

fire   If You Were On Fire

quasimodo   Quasimodo And The Ketchup Boys

drug-dog   Drug Dog

darkness   Out In The Darkness

keep-You   Don´t Let Me Keep You

hazel   To Hazel

sunlight   Sunlight

International Departures - Shakespeare and the Bible

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Plus Or Minus Zero (2009)
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dudes   All The Old Dudes

smoke   The Ballad Of Joey Smoke

came   Ça Me Plaît

kill   Thou Shalt Kill

flames   Down In Flames

gero   Gero With A Chainsaw

fritzis   Fritzi´s Bar

Havanna   Your Man In Havanna

yeah   Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

wales   Sulking In Wales

zero   Plus Or Minus Zero

metamorpheme   Metamorpheme

Plus or Minus Zero - Shakespeare and the Bible

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