Max Eider Absurdly talented guitarist/singer-songwriter whose feather-light fingers feature on the Shakespeare And The Bible track ‘Metamorpheme’.
Kai Degenhardt German language singer-songwriter whose pithy, intelligent lyrics are a mercilessly crystalline reflection of the absurdities and injustices of the world we live in.
The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy The enduring British band of Pat Fish, with whom Owen still plays every now and then…
Außenborder Finely-honed German language brat-pop by Shakespeare And The Bible’s rehearsal room next-door neighbours.
Watson Mailey Blues/folk balladeer and good buddy, with a voice full of smoke, sandpaper
and soul
Johnny Hooper Welsh alto sax player featured on Your Man In Havana; Johnny also runs a jazz bistro in Portugal.
Sweet Sister Pain German gothic band whose cellist, Charlotte Kracht, features on The Ballad Of Joey Smoke.
Weitere Links
Plattenbau Records Independent Hamburg-based record company that’s been a big help to Shakespeare And The Bible.
Der Konzertblog für Hamburg