SHAKESPEARE AND THE BIBLE are a bunch of Hamburg musiciansof varying hairstyles, genders and philosophical beliefs, based around the Welsh singer-songwriter Owen Jones (who first arrived in Hamburg over 20 years ago playing drums for‚The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy‘ and, noticing that the pubs stayed open much longer than in his native land, immediately decided to stay forever).

In addition to Owen‘s vocals, accordion and rhythm guitar and the silken tones of chanteuse percussionist Kristina Rauen, the band features the powerhouse rhythm section of drummer Adrian van de Velde and bassist Stephan von Dein, plus the keyboarder and harmonica dervish Oliver Hasse and our very own ‚architect of the arpeggio‘ Christian Schütze on various guitar-type instruments.

Shakespeare And The Bible‘s repertoire reflects the wide variety of their musical influences, ranging from sensitive folk ballads to indie-rock anthems, from angry protest chants to joyful punk romps. What they all have in common are powerful, melodic tunes and finely-crafted, thoughtful lyrics.



Samstag 02.12.2017 Mayday - Beginn 21:00 Uhr
Bahrenfelderstr.247, 22765 Hamburg. (Google Maps)
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